Bahar Yaghoubian

Bahar Yaghoubian
On May 31st 1985 born to Fariba and Behzad Yaghoubian, Bahar captured the hearts of everyone around her with a gorgeous smile. In Tehran Clinic Hospital, the doctors and nurses were taken back by her beauty and fell in love with her calm and joyful nature. As a child, Bahar had a talent for connecting with people and making everyone around her feel at ease. Her careful attention to detail could be seen in every aspect of her life: as a daughter, sister, student, and friend. Fariba and Behzad encouraged her to prioritize school and to work hard for her dreams but always they emphasized the importance of kindness and generosity.

In 1998, her family immigrated to the United States and settled down in Los Angeles. First at Paul Revere Middle School then at Santa Monica High School, she strived to be the best in all that she did including varsity cross country and track; she was the star of the team winning many medals and honors, making sure to practice even during vacations. Top of her class in high school, college and pharmacy school; a B was never acceptable; she strived to attain the highest grades. To describe her as a perfectionist would be an understatement. When she finally had to decide on a career, she had two passions: architecture and pharmacy. She chose pharmacy because she wanted to help others and make a difference in their lives.

A lover of the arts, she passionately pursued her interest in poetry, piano, and architecture in addition to all her classes. Not only did she avidly follow her own interests but made it a point to support and encourage her friends and relatives to follow theirs as well attending their concerts, visiting their gallery exhibits, offering them her opinion on their work. Bahar would get lost in her curiosity exploring new things, ideas, places. As an anthropology student, perhaps her true passion was to travel.

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Altruistic in nature, Bahar made it a point to use her skills to help others- to make her world a better place. From simple things such as putting her love of design and art towards making personalized birthday cards and helping her father make signs for his business. These simple acts, performed every day for complete strangers and friends equally, were her gifts to the world; these were her declarations of love.

A source of pride to her parents, as a daughter she worked hard to give back to her family all that they had done for her. Bahar saw it as her responsibility to take care of her grandparents and ensure that not only were they taking the right medications but that their respective diets and activities did not interfere with them.

Family was very important to this young woman who made it a point to gather around them on Shabbat and on any occasion that allowed her to see her cousins and grandparents While they teased and joked with each other, Bahar always wanted the best for Shadi and would constantly advise her, even as the younger sister. She was willing to go to any means necessary to help her. Shadi played a particularly important role in her life as they shared everything from toys, to clothes, to secrets, to life experiences. She also spent a lot of time with Rodney, her boyfriend, confident, and closest companion as they supported each through school and life obstacles.

Hanging from a shelf in the center of her room was a piece of paper that stated plainly her motto: “لطفند لبخند بزنید“Always be smiling please!”

Victim to a tragic car accident, our lovely reminder of joy passed away Sunday January 9th as an 81 year old woman lost control of her car speeding past red lights and hitting Bahar’s car and an unfortunate pedestrian.

We have lost someone who embodied love and compassion in each and every choice she made. We have lost a soul who had just begun to bloom. We have lost our little bit of spring. We have lost Bahar.